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Amarok updating collection

NTFS-3g has reached a usable stage, with users reporting no data corruption or loss during ordinary use of the latest versions of the driver, providing GNU/Linux users with a reliable way to read and write NTFS partitions.This system is now in widespread use and most up-to-date Linux distros will support the NTFS file system.If you do not have another computer or thumb drive, you will need to put off this step until after you install the operating system (you can also use a boot disk that permits you to get an OS running out of it) to get the new computer connected to the network.If you have a workable machine that recognizes the basic hardware (CPU, memory, HD, mouse and keyboard) you can now start installing an operating system (OS).If you are installing Windows on a RAID drive, or a SATA drive in some cases, you are going to have to provide drivers to the Windows installer so that it can access the hard drive on the raid controller.To do this during the Windows install wait for "Press F6 to install any third party SCSI or RAID drivers." to appear at the bottom of the screen and duly hit F6.And that’s as far as we’re going to go with you, but you’ll also want to install some application software – games, word processors, databases, programming languages – whatever floats your boat...That’s pretty much the point of this whole computer business after all, though I hope you’ve found the journey of building it yourself has been worthwhile in its own way.

Simply put, can you accomplish your day to day tasks with the software that will run under the operating system in question?

If you are doing a Windows-only install, just allocate all of the hard drive to Windows.

Again, for a Windows only install, the NTFS file system is faster and more efficient.

In this section we’ll consider what software you’ll want to install and how you might go about doing so.

One important step that can be required as the starting point after you have a working PC, depending on how stable your BIOS is (bugs or any lacking specific software and hardware support), is to do an update of it (called "flashing" the BIOS).

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