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Would you be sympathetic and understanding to his current situation? On one hand, I totally get that you’re entitled to date someone who is successful and will have the means to provide for you and a potential family – or at least pick up half of the slack.

If you go out with him and you two hit it off, would you consider letting him move in with you? But at the same time, can you fault someone who has just been unlucky?

In some contexts, “going downstairs” is sexy, but when it means literally going into your parents’ basement…not so much.

In fact, in today’s millennial generation it’s becoming harder and harder to find.

As before, Urban Life is topically and geographically wide ranging, with well-crafted contributions offering expert coverage of urban fieldwork experiences, theoretical concepts, and new research from an anthropological perspective.

The book is organized into five parts: fieldwork, communities, structures and institutions, migration and adaptation, and globalization and transnationalism.

I thought it was fun This book takes a deep look into city life dating all the way back to early cities and showing how they progressed.

I thought it was fun to read, but then again its my major..

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Would you date someone who still lives with their parents?

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