Consolidating multiple excel workbooks

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Consolidating multiple excel workbooks

The following macro steps through all the worksheets and combines the data to a new worksheet it adds at the beginning of the workbook. Sub Combine() Dim J As Integer On Error Resume Next Sheets(1). You use this type of consolidation if the columns in the data tables are in different orders. If you are consolidating by position, then the reference should not contain any column labels; if by category, then you should. What I'm trying to do is: I have a workbook which has 8 worksheets. I want to select some columns( A, G, L T) from each worksheetand copy all that data in a new worksheet in a different workbook in column A, G, L, T. In the workbook whose worksheets you want to consolidate, choose Data | Consolidate. (See Figure 1.) There are many controls in the dialog box, but the primary thing you need to worry about is specifying the ranges to consolidate. When you specify the range reference, you click Add, and the reference appears in the All References list. Range("A1") ' work through sheets For J = 2 To Sheets. You continue to define reference ranges until they are all complete. If you want the consolidated data to contain links to the original data, then make sure the Create Links to Source Data check box is selected, otherwise clear it. Note that there are other controls in the Consolidate dialog box; the controls mentioned above are the ones you should pay attention to at a minimum. The concept behind doing the condensation is rather easy: You simply need to copy the data from the second and subsequent worksheets to the first empty row on the first worksheet. End(xl Up)(2) Next End Sub is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training. Count ' from sheet 2 to last sheet Let Worksheets(1). Fortunately, Excel includes a feature that allows you to do this very process—the Consolidate tool. Select ' copy cells selected in the new sheet on last line Selection. This tip (3005) applies to Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003.

Note: if you don't check Top row and Left column, Excel sums all cells that have the same position. Close True Filename = Dir Loop Msg Box "All the files are copied and pasted in Book1." End Sub and close the workbook.If you get workbooks that have identically structured data on each worksheet, you may be interested in a way to combine the multiple worksheets into a single, large worksheet. Range("A1")' work through sheets Dim J As Long For J = 2 To Worksheets. All you need to know is how to paste the VBA code and run it. Read More: Learn Excel Course Online | Be an Advanced Excel Master First of all, Now save the files in one Drive/Folder and link to all practice files used in our example D:\Collate Multiple Files.

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Click in the Reference box, select the range A1: E4 in the district1 workbook, and click Add. Repeat step 4 for the district2 and district3 workbook. Check Top row, Left column and Create links to source data.