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Misunderstandings with warped oedipal undertones often plague queer women in intergenerational relationships.Once, the author and poet Eileen Myles was checking out at a store with a younger woman she was dating at the time, when the cashier asked her, “How are you doing today, Mom?The post, which went viral, has garnered a largely mixed response, but with a definitive tilt toward Aw-They’re-So-Cute-I’m-Glad-They’re-Happy.I’ve seen nothing but positively gleeful reactions from the lesbian faction, who are thrilled that Peggy Peabody from the L Word is gaying it up IRL.It was Chaubal’s first time at a salon, when both women were in the early stages of their gender transitions; a lot of traditionally feminine activities still had the sparkling sheen of newness.

Women who date significantly up or significantly down radically subvert heteronormative standards for what’s appropriate when it comes to sex and love.

“I’ve been shocked at the audacity of that,” says M.

“I don’t go around asking people about their relationships.

“We just kind of got each other, a right away thing.

Being older, I realize how rare it is to really mesh with somebody like that.” Their friendship inevitably evolved.

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That these age differences are oftentimes considered gross or salacious is pretty galling, since we’re all quite comfortable seeing older men date much younger women: Take all the James Bond films.

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  2. – SABRINA ALEXIS I’m in love with a person we were together for almost 3yrs he was very good in the first 5months after that he completely lost interest in me from 2 n half years I’m trying to keep this relationship alive he doesn’t give time to me he just not into me he doesn’t meet me he doesn’t care for me but still says he loves me n he says he just fed up of me complaining I just don’t know wat to do I had a guy I like tell me the first time we were alone together he was not ready to date and I should get a pet for companionship.