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Also the children that lived there were such a joy to visit and play with.They insisted on taking us up a mountain hike, and then made us carry them down as they were too tired.After going to the village church, we went to Jimmy’s family’s home to have a feast on behalf of his mother’s homecoming.It was very interesting to observe the Masai traditions and culture.We have found that alarm clocks are not necessary here, as we have become at one with nature.

We are so much looking forward to this rest of this journey in Tanzania, and are excited for what is to come.

They showed us how to travel like a real local African by using the public transport of Arusha, the ‘dala-dala’.

This was more of a challenge than it may seem, as we crammed 10 Africans, and 9 Leapers all into one 11 seater van.

We all split the cost of the water pump and installed it the next day in their well, to aid our project there.

Day 5: This is when we put the money where our mouth is. And 6 hours later, we all had ripping abs, bulging biceps, and a concrete slab as a floor.

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