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As an element, carbon occurs in a striking variety of forms.

Coal, soot, and diamonds are all nearly pure forms of carbon.

There is a time when it loses its extra neutrons and becomes C-12.

The loss of those neutrons is called radioactive decay. For carbon, the decay happens in a few thousand years (5,730 years).

Instead, it gives off water vapor, leaving pure carbon.

He studied the differences between wrought iron, cast iron, and steel.When oil burns, carbon is released in the reaction, forming a sooty covering on the inside of the lamp. Lampblack was also often mixed with olive oil or balsam gum to make ink.And ancient Egyptians sometimes used lampblack as eyeliner.More than ten million compounds of carbon are known.No other element, except for hydrogen, occurs in even a fraction of that number of compounds.

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Carbon occurs extensively in all living organisms as proteins, fats, carbohydrates (sugars and starches), and nucleic acids.