Describe self for dating site

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Describe self for dating site

The habit of self-judgment causes self-denigration in which you belittle yourself, criticize yourself, punish yourself and treat yourself without kindness.

The most powerful way to undo the effects of self-denigration is kindness and forgiveness, which restore awareness of your innate goodness.

Try this affirmation today: "I see myself through the eyes of love." If you are like most people, you know exactly what you don't love about yourself, but you're vague and uncertain about the ways that you do love yourself.

No to your real desires, no to having any needs, no to stopping and relaxing, no to making time for yourself, no to letting yourself be helped and no to loving yourself more.This personality type will feel unlovable, no matter how hard you try to love others.The self-rejection causes you to be mean to yourself—no attention, no care, no appreciation and no self-love.Exercise: Self-acceptance is love, and your capacity to love yourself determines your capacity to love everyone else.The less you accept yourself, the more you will criticize your friends.

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You are more than just your experiences or how other people see you or the clothes you wear. If you're having a little trouble answering these questions for yourself, try writing a biography of your real self in 100 words.