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Doctors and nurses dating

As soon as I was down there, he looked at the doctor and said, 'She's hot, huh? " -- "I had a patient come in with a bad case of herpes and he was claiming he got it from a toilet seat and swore up and down he did not cheat on his wife. As I was examining him, he got an erection and said, 'Looks like today isn't such a bad day for me, after all.' I explained I could no longer see him as a patient." -- "I work with older patients and one man who was about 75 came in to see me about Viagra.

He and I were discussing the pros and cons when he looked at me, dead in the eye, and asked if I could fondle him to see if he could get an erection without it.

Others simply don’t feel ready to settle down at 22 years old, the way their parents did.

Given the rigor and all-consuming nature of medical school and residency, this is particularly true for doctors.

Many couples married early, right out of high school or right after college.

If the wife had career aspirations herself, these were often put aside in order to help her husband get through medical school.

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He's got the creepiest demeanor and somehow thinks he is still as attractive as he was in the '70s when he was a huge playboy.

He flirted with me incessantly but I never assisted the doctor with him.

I was horrified." -- "I had a female patient come in for a mole check.

She was in a gown with a nurse in the room when she simply took the entire thing off in order for me to 'see her better.' I told her it was not necessary and asked her to please put it back on and she said, 'Afraid you'll go from a doctor to just a man, doc?

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