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Florida dating florida personal floridaluv com

Sometimes hard to turn off, but I know id rather have music in my heart, mind and soul instead of that numbing, dull, in a barrow sound noise I use to hear when under the influence of a toxic substance that was killing me.

I could see it's shadow in the hallway but not the thing itself. It would dissapear from room to room and finally I saw it digging around in my car. I tried falling asleep and I could feel it poking my ribs and my back everything I tried to fall asleep. Many months later I got a DUI and in the program is where I found out about DT's. With 27 yrs sobriety I absolutely love hearing music in my heart, mind and soul.

During early recovery I also heard faint music when a fan was on. First day I was having closed-eye hallucinations, when my eyes where closed I was seeing such vivid images and when it got dark I was seeing all sorts off shapes around my bedroom.

Second day the images had faded but as mentioned by others in this post I was hearing music and then what sounded like a woman talking.

I heard the most evil sounding voice call my name in the morning while eating breakfast.

I could see a figure in the mirror walking towards me but when I'd turn my head nothing was there.

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I'd fall asleep for a little bit and wake up to that song still on repeat in my head. Typically for me it gets quieter in my head the longer I stay sober. I had some auditory hallucinations during alcohol withdrawal too. Hi need, for about 10 days I was hearing faint music on and of,. On day two, during the early hours of the morning, I "heard" for an instant a very loud electronic sound like "Bwwwwamp! I'm on around day 6 of being sober and every now and again especially when it's quiet I hear music in my head.