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Hollis maine free sex sizzling seniors

Evie is in over her head unable to read the hot-cold signals from Frederic.

That is until he picks up on her submissive tendencies making her the perfect subject for his kinky and devious urges.

He has a board of directors and the public to answer to.

He is determined to find a way to out-maneuver Vicky and save a legacy. The story goes on to follow Henry and Vicky trying to deny their attraction and undermining each other every step of the way. Six words to describe Henry Locke: Private, commanding, determined, intense, complex and caring.

Commodities trader Jonas Dexter Smithers, Dexter has a murky past and a plan that includes Nat.

But she has no idea that her sitting next to the charming Dexter is not a coincident nor is she aware of her father's past…Seven words to describe Jonas Dexter Smithers, Dexter: Determined, callous, commanding, mysterious, intense, devious and ruthless.

Eight words to describe Evangeline Bell, Evie: Naïve, trusting, akward, smart, meek, innocent, loner and forgiving.

99¢ SALE (limited time) | AMZ US | AMZ UK | Viole[n]t Obscurity (book 1) is a dark and twisted tale that takes place at Silent River Psychiatric Hospital. Adeline Violet, Adie aka “Violet, one letter away” has been promoted and is starting her new position in the isolated Ward Z. Five words to describe Alyson Stanton, Stanton: Stubborn, focused, proud, lost and reflective.Bad Habit, told from dual POVs, is a second chance romance centered around a forbidden love wrecked by betrayal.She is much too young, he is too much of everything; broken, reckless and mostly angry and vengeful.It ends with an epilogue one year into the future.***Hero: ★★★★Heroine: ★★★★1/2Plot: ★★★★Sexual tension: ★★★★Sex scenes: ★★★★1/2Story ending: ★★★★1/2******************************************OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2Angst: | MEDIUM FOCUS |Darkness: | LOW FOCUS |Humor: | HIGH FOCUS |Kink: | LOW FOCUS |Romance: | HIGH FOCUS |Sex frequency: | MEDIUM FOCUS |Suspense: | LOW FOCUS | ARC provided to me by author Annika Martin in exchange for an honest review. Ripples (stand-alone) opens up to Natalie Rawlings, Nat aka Bug heading to spend the holidays with her family and fretting telling them about dropping out of Harvard.The somewhat coddled and shielded baby daughter of Tony and Claire still wants to make her family proud.

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A reckless doomed affair…Seven words to describe Asher Kelley, Kelley or Ash: Broken, angry, vengeful, private flawed, intense and reckless.