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Jewelsmart online dating

The story is told through two parallel story lines, one in 1811 and the other a few years later.Sophie Evans defies her family and marries a total scoundrel who treats her horribly and cheats on her flagrantly.In the past, he’s a creature with an empty life of drinking, humping and lather, rinse, repeat. His discovery is not at all due solely to Sophie; Banallt starts to wake up on his own.

His enigmatic ambiguity is appealing, though, because the reader, and Sophie, have to decide whether to evaluate him based on his actions, or based on the rumors and stories about him, and how much of those stories are true.

This is not light, frilly, lace and ruffles romance set in the Regency; this book is marvelously real.

It’s sometimes cold and harsh, and at times sad, but there’s a richness and a poignancy that elevates the entire book to a whole other level of “good.” It’s actually difficult to explain in a nutshell what this book is about, or to summarize the plot.

Sophie’s hesitance in trusting Banallt was ultimately one flaw I had with the book.

I wanted to shake Sophie for her reticence in trusting him, because I thought from my perspective that he had admirably demonstrated his worth and his worthiness.

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