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That someone turns out to be an ex-army doctor of some reputation and skill. and you know what happens when you disobey my will, don’t you, my darling girl? He couldn’t hold on to himself for much longer, the way Hiro’s muscles were poised and held taught, the why his ivory flesh wrapped around the sinew and bone, the way his pink lips fit perfectly into his soft face… Hiro’s smell, and Hiro’s skin and Hiro, Hiro, Hiro.” Deputy Michael's been working in the little shithole town of Achievement City for a little over a year now. He wanted to tear the pretty flesh right off his skin, drag the muscle from his bones, and devour his beating heart.and none of them expect what comes to pass during or after his demands are fulfilled. Mycroft will often sigh and wonder "What will I do with you? Simone had long accepted that this distant, strange man known as her father lacked the care and affection required to be a good papa, but knowing that never stopped her from craving his attention... Through a drug-aided miscommunication, she'll be horrified to find out just how deep her desperation for him goes.===========================“We’ve moved beyond sins and morals, yet you persist in trying to hold onto what you’ve been told is right and wrong.(work and chapter titles from “shelter,” by the xx) There were reasons Jaime had asked Arthur to be his fake boyfriend for the holidays and not someone else — 1) he didn't have plans and Jaime didn't like the idea of him being on his own for the week, 2) he had enough tact to, hopefully, piss off Dad without starting a literal war over the dinner table, and 3) he was possibly the least flirty person Jaime had ever met, so this wouldn't turn into anything weird. " But when it comes to a cocaine-addled little brother there is only so much an elder brother can do before he must take.... There must be someone in this world who can curb an unruly Sherlock Holmes while unearthing his shameful predilections. Though admittedly, Mycroft Holmes never thought his brother would respond this well to treatment... You can’t resist your desires any more than you can resist mine…Oddly Lavender and Padma's sister (despite being her twin) Parvarti do nothing for me… Now that the war is over, Harry is, for the first time focusing on himself.Chapter One - Survivors July 30, 1997Longbottom Manor:"Harry!

written for jonsa kink week on tumblr: days 2 5: in the game of thrones, you fuck or you die blood/post-battle kink: As Westeros’ ancient laws begin to crumble beneath the weight of war and its ensuing chaos, the country’s greatest criminals experiment with their new reign.

This was possibly the most formal room Harry had ever seen.

Something about Neville's manner screamed "BUSINESS" to Harry.

Except this time he catches Sam, and decides to have some fun with him before he kills him.

Forcing Sam to have non-voluntary sex with his older brother.

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