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As I finished making my bed, my mom came into the room. She looked at the diaper trolley and pronounced herself satisfied with it. You better watch, in case you have to do it sometime." Grumbling the whole time, Rob laid out a Babykins on my bed and began adding baby diapers the way mom had. Even in PJ's it would be obvious to anyone who saw me that I was wearing thick diapers and noisy waterproof pants. Next he prepared my vinyl pants and said "Up." I lifted up and he slid them under my burning diapered bottom.Then she removed one of the large Babykins diapers and spread it open on the bed. And there was my mom, who seemed not to care who knew. Their newness held a certain soft stiffness, and a clean rubbery smell, and they made noise as he manipulated them into place. So I began gingerly stacking the stuff on my bed, and Russ began to help. The three were standing near the front door, which was open. As my mom went to get her coffee, I had a feeling something would go wrong. " There were four of them; Brad, Craig Simon and his brother Rick (who was in my class! They talked quietly, but could not contain their laughter, and I knew it was about me. Of course I forgot; it is a Friday..." As we left there was more mirth as Brad pantomimed in turn both the wielder of a paddle and a squirming, blubbering spanking recipient. He introduced us to a friend and fellow student called Yoshi, roughly the same age and slight build as Hiro. I contemplated what was coming, and picked at my food. "While Hiro has more dessert, I want you to go upstairs and get ready," my mom said. I didn't know where to put everything, as my dresser was full, and the top was full of clutter. It was like he was diapering a mentally- disabled little kid. I quickly put pajamas on and reluctantly went down. There's the yellow pages." I had to clear my throat several times, and it still wasn't easy to speak. "I was wondering; do you have, um any um, Babykins medium youth diapers? We sat more or less in the middle of the restaurant area, with the incriminating basket pulled up close to the table on a chair. " "They go inside his big-boy diapers, to make them more absorbent," insider Brad explained. Brad greeted her, and the four boys sat at a table beside us."They're here," Rob said, and went to open the door. "Thanks for coming, and for bringing Russell's old stuff." I couldn't quite see inside the cardboard box, but Mrs. Now I could see that it contained many neatly folded white diapers, and pairs of waterproof pants. The result was rather bulky, but after all it was only for bed, and he was a heavy wetter." I imagined what Russell must've looked like, what I would look like. As I made my bed, I began to dread what I knew was about to come. "Well it's not exactly rocket science," Rob replied. She asked Rob for the paddle, and I got six more hard smacks. Could I trust my brother and Brad not to say anything? There had always been vague, fairly easily deniable rumors about my bedwetting, but this diaper thing was a lot more serious. I had been determined not to cry, but my nerves were shot even before Hiro began. Even though I had pre-powdered, he sprinkled me anyway, perhaps for the benefit of the camera, which continued to roll.A moment later he ushered our guests into the living room as my mom joined them from the kitchen. Some of the shock of the evening had worn off, and I was left with a feeling of dry-mouthed horror at the knowledge that in a short while I would be put in diapers for the first time since I was a baby. "Now lean over your bed, please, hands on the mattress," mom instructed me. Even if they didn't say anything (I wasn't worried about Russ), my brother had friends over often, and there was my `baby' stuff right out in the open. After all, we're both guys, so that's not a problem. This is what I had dreaded more than anything, and it was all coming true. Now I could see him out of the corner of my eye as he moved in on various angles. I had been silently counting the blows, and now Yoshi counted out loud. He pulled my diapers up between my legs, and pinned them securely in place." "I want Rob to see how I do it in case he has to diaper you if I happen to not be available." "Oh, man! I watched shakily as my mom placed two baby diaper prefolds along the center panel of the Babykins, then folded three flannelette diapers in three lengthwise and placed them on top of the prefolds. Any reference to the diapers or plastic pants being mine made my stomach flutter. The spanking went on for a long time, and was very painful. He gently lifted my T-shirt and examined my vinyl pants and took in the obvious bulk beneath them. "Well you can just stay like that until tomorrow," she said. At one point I was finally thinking about something else when my hand came to rest on the cool vinyl, and I was startled and horrified all over again. Yoshi seemed to pass instructions to Hiro, who turned me around so that my back was to the camera.

I felt totally defeated, completely reduced in status, and stared at the floor and cried. I went downstairs, mostly to get away from Rob, who had some homework to do in our room. I was still watching TV standing up when she came up from the laundry room. And in fact I never did receive fewer than eighteen smacks of the paddle. each evening regardless of who might be in the house. Naturally I complained about this, but she would simply reply "Well in this house, if you behave like a baby, you get treated like a baby, and I don't care who knows about it," or words to that effect. She considered my shame a positive thing, an incentive for me to stop wetting. And of course as Friday evenings approached, my apprehension mounted as I anticipated not only a painful and demeaning spanking, but also the fact that quite often friends of my brother (or sometimes of my mother) would not only be acutely aware of my punishment blow by blow, but then would most likely see me shamefaced in my diapers, sometimes in tears, soon after. I was allowed pajamas now, but there was simply no disguising the bulk of my diapers or the rustling of my plastic or rubber pants. I would certainly not do it for him." This was a busybody friend of my mom's. Most recently I was sent to a behavioral psychologist who did nothing at all to help, and finally in frustration suggested to my mom that she use diapers on me both for practical reasons and for the `negative reinforcement' they might provide regarding my wetting. "Let's see, should we get him Huggies, or Pampers, or Attends? Pushing the envelope, I perversely daydreamed a sleepover during which four or five of my coolest classmates discovered me in all my diapered shame. My mother and brother were home, but I gave them a wide berth as I discreetly checked in my bedroom- nothing on the dresser, nothing out of place in my drawers, nothing unusual in the closet. They're just regular baby diaper pins, but they work fine and you might as well have them." "Let's hope they're blue," declared my humorous brother. They're also Babykins products that I used to buy at a medical supply store called `All Care' on Victoria Drive. And here's a bag of various creams for diaper rash, which seems unavoidable from time to time. I was very ashamed, and my shame was about to get worse. There were no exceptions, even when it caused him considerable embarrassment." She did not say what these occasions were, but I could imagine. This meant I would never be able to have friends over again, because the loaded trolley was right out in the open, up against my bedroom wall. He was more careful with the pins than he would sometimes be in the future. "Voila," Rob said, "one freshly diapered baby." "You did very well," said my mom. Feeling extremely embarrassed, vulnerable, and keenly aware of just what I was waiting for, I took the bedclothes off my bed and placed them in a heap on the floor.Maybe Johnny should have ecologically friendly cloth diapers? (Nevertheless, I was embarrassed that my bed was still unmade, my plastic sheet still exposed for anyone to see.) I peeked into my mother's room- apparently nothing. Best to keep right on top of it, or it can become a real problem. "Also, somewhere in the bottom of the box is the wooden paddle I used on Russ' behind to encourage him to stop wetting . The top two levels now held diapers; below that were my waterproof pants, and on the bottom was powder, cream, and pins. Then I had to lift up as he slid the same vinyl pants under me, pulled up the front, and snapped them on securely over my diapers. "You'll make an excellent daddy some day," said Brad. I got off the bed and waddled downstairs to continue watching TV in an upright position. I opened the package containing my new plastic sheet, and turned it out. I moved the bed out a little from the wall, and fit the cover to the foot, then moved forward. He looked at me, examined my calendar, and shook his head a little.

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